Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monumen Kartini

Ibu Kartini is one of the heroes who fight for the rights wanita.Di Indonesia where the differences between women and men who tidk so balanced. The first woman known to work as 3 things, 1. 2 wells. Kitchen 3. Mattress

3 Where has the sense of women as workers around the well, the kitchen and also as a waitress in bed. But the arrival of RA Kartini fought for women from the oppression. Kartini's struggle with women now can be free from the 3 things above. and also now a woman can also become a leader. RA. Kartini is also a figure who struggles Jepara cultural arts of sculpture and also a case of Indonesia furniture.yang now we see people in the furniture jepara.Dan to commemorate the services - services RA.Kartini in the street youth make up the monument in Jepara in RA. Kartini.

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